It is 1.30 pm, right now. No wait 1.26pm. My brain feels irked at my little faults. everything has to be perfect. It has been 36 hours and in these hours I have slept only for one. I feel tired, but I don’t want to sleep. I feel creative, almost so much that others can’t understand my work, be it pictures or words. I struggle to speak coherently, as my thoughts race ahead of my tongue. My thoughts jump from one to the other and i feel confused. I often forget what I have and have not said…

I want to write, so much. Innumerable topics occur to me, and I write them all, one by one, only stopping to decide which one to choose next. I want to stretch every muscle in my body, till it makes me feel orgasmic. I want to try crazy make-up and dressing styles and hairstyles. I want to do things in the out of box manner.

My hands are shaking and I am starting to lose balance. I feel a bubble of laughter inside me, that never fades, never bursts. I have coloured my nails in various shades, each brighter than the other. My hair is straight one day, and wavy the next. I feel like I just know the right things to say…suddenly I feel much loved and popular. No one can see that this is the calm before the storm…no one can see how close I am to a breakdown. my mind may not have limits but my body surely does…

In few days, I start becoming violent, hyperactive and insane. my words do not make any sense, i become delusional. I misinterpret people and I scream at them and manipulate them, playing games like it is my favourite thing in the world. I lash out at anyone who tells me that I am ill and i need help. Ultimately…they give me pills secretly by mixing it in my milk, and put me to sleep. When i wake up, I am in a mental ward…<a href=””>Saga</a&gt;





3 thoughts on “BIPOLAR AND MANIC

  1. I could identify well with some of this. I’d go three days without sleeping and the description of your mind going faster than your tongue was perfect. I’d hear myself say one thing only to be thinking so far ahead I’d interrupt to say something else and so on and so on, never completing a thought. It was exhausting for someone just to listen to me. I’d laugh uncontrollably, inappropriately, trying to expel some of the energy. It wears me out just thinking about it. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well.


    1. Yeah I am good now, it just faded off after fourdays, but mania is exhausting and thank God its a sunday I slept through even CIVIL WAR!!!! Like I love the characters but I was too tired and I have been sleeping all day! Thanks for the follow and we shall keep in touch 🙂 we could help each other deal with it 🙂

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