Your words were so bitter,

that they burnt a hole in my heart,

you said them so easily,

they felt like acid on my skin,

slowly melting my happiness,

like an avalanche they came rolling down on me,

It’s easy for you to ask me,

That move on, there are a thousand fish in the sea,

But my heart was stuck on you,

My favourite symphony,

If only you could see,

Inside my ribcage you reside,

In every breath of mine,

But your words burnt me down to the ground,

Like fire melts wood and leaves,

I am equivalent to ashes,

So ruined,


As good as trash,

Ready to be thrown into the bin,

What use is a broken heart,

What use are burnt matchsticks,

They cannot light me up,

And thus I died,

In a fire so tragic…


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