The Course Of My Creative Mind

My mind is an amazing maze. It skips from one idea to the other as if they were rungs of the same ladder; but in reality it is similar to jumping from one building to another building several feet apart. One moment I am clicking a selfie, and the next moment I will glance at the moon and run to catch it behind the clouds in that exact formation. I am scared that I will lose that instance, that moment. I am an opportunist, at least with photography.

Creativity is in my blood. My mom is a fashion designer (well she has done diploma) , and my father is an avid photographer, reader and writer. I was born that way, and while other kids struggled to pronounce words, by second standard, I was already topping in English. Well my pride fell when I went to Cathedral and John Connon school, Mumbai, and realised that my English would never be as great as that of those children who spoke English at home. I worked on it, brushing up my vocabulary and read a lot. 

Writing became my love once I experienced heartbreak. He was my muse, and he was glad to be my canvas too…Soon I was writing and it was loved, which propelled my ambition further. I now want to write a book soon. 

Dance, well who doesn’t like to dance! I was lucky enough to be Shiamak Davar’s and Ritambhara Sahni’s student, the two best teachers in our country. Dance is the best at fighting anger, sadness and depression. for years, when I had no friends, dance was my only companion. 

Some passions became passions after I conquered the fear of doing those activities. I was scared as hell to swim, as I have myopia.But soon I learnt somehow, and now swimming is the only way I have a clear head, devoid of any thoughts. I was scared to some extent of meeting new people. But I pushed myself to do so often and now it is a habit and something I look forward to. 

I can’t draw very well, so I guess photography is my way of expressing Art..I can’t write bestsellers, so I started a blog, Instagram became my photo editor and You tube and Bollywood my dance teacher…no matter what…never ever let go of your creative streak. It is that spark of life in you that keeps the flame of passion alive…I live to create, and I will never let my creativity die…


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