Bipolar And Manic Part 2 (Explicit Content)

My mind is full of ideas. My phone is low on battery but I barely keep it running. I start clicking pictures in laptop lighting in my dark bedroom, on the theme of boudoir photography. Soon I am clicking shadows. The wind is howling outside and it seems like a devilish time. Soon it is 5 am. I have barely slept for an hour. I decide to treat my face as a canvas. Doll inspired make up. Marilyn Manson make up. Zombie make up. Bright and dull themes. I clicked in every corner of my room.

My father saw the photos and he was amazed. He gave me a little smile, as if to encourage me. Soon I was off to my yoga session and belly dancing combination. 108 sun salutations without a stop. I can barely catch my breath and I can’t feel my arms. I continue my stretching as a group of people watch in amazement…I ve trained in yoga for 15 years.

At office, it is a hot day. Four cups of coffee down, droopy eyes, and plenty of creative writing. After reaching home, my mind was back at photography. Swimsuit and jewellery, formal coat with lingerie, abstract photos of jewellery and such things.  I soon fell asleep. Next morning I wake up with a shock. It is 9 am, and I have to be in office by 10.

I went to court but even there I end up writing a poem. Soon it was time to meet a friend. I had no idea he would get three more guys along. 2 of them virgins. Yes, i fucked all of them together after a peg of whiskey and even after 10 rounds, I wanted more. Mania makes you extremely horny. My boyfriend won’t be shocked at it, but he will definitely be disappointed. I am hungry as hell, but yet again the sunset mesmerises me and I stop to click photos. Somewhere in the middle of it all, my tears silently fall at my helplessness and my reckless behaviour. Feelings of horror, guilt, restlessness, fatigue, hunger and a sense of confusion takes over. The wind feels good in my hair, and I am glad the day is over. But it isn’t, this is my good morning…my mind won’t stop running….<a href=””>Saga</a&gt;





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