My Photography Secrets REVEALED

I see art in every little thing, welcome to my visionary world…

13062884_10201592931702845_2718204459694924894_o (4)
On first looks, this reminds me of a galaxy. This is a concept I created known as illusion photo. I used household items and nature scenes to create images that represent a bigger picture…that right there is silver eyeshadow on my arm…filteted three times by instagram, thus the glitter turned blue!



That looks like a butterfly…It is my silver and gold polish dangler against a blue wall in black and white…pretty eh?
An empty coffee cup, almost. The blue and the depth of the cup bring out the 3D effect…
It looks like a painting …because the glass o the bathroom window blurs the vision…I felt a sense of timeless beauty in this photo, and the pigeon was there only for two hours..
Although you can see that it is an eyeliner and a meta;l cap, at first sight this image reminded me of a broken metal piece, another illusion. I love the way the silver plays out…


Those are not just two Kings from chess, they hold a much bigger significance…it is about life. Life is a war, and in the darkness even your own shadow will abandon you…


Sun or moon? The sun was silver for once! I played up the background colours and darkened the buildings…and voila…another illusion photo.




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