Omg blue ticks! Why isn’t he replying?! is he ignoring me? Is he angry? Then you come to know the poor chap’s phone was hung.

Why is his status so sad? Is it for me? Another one. Taking things way too personally. Hi!

Hi! Hi! heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….and that is when you regret ever knowing such people, stalkers and the ones who have nothing better to do. If you have no work and you are not my best friend, fuck off. Seriously, before I block you.

Hey can you send me pictures? Dude why would I send you anything personally. Go lick my facebook and instagram.

Then there are those who are just perverts. They send you dick pics and what not. Why on Earth!

Then we have those who keep on uploading stuff like, Went to gym,. At so and so restaurant. Cut my finger. Facebook isn’t your daily diary.

Some people send you those annoying game requests and page invites. Please stop.

Then there are those who make multiple accounts, fake accounts, fake name accounts, seriously if you do stay away from me.

Please do not wish me good morning everyday. I beg you. And don’t expect a reply. 

Do not tag me in your photos. I will not like it, I will simply unfollow the post and you.

Annoying rants are most unwelcome.

Facebook and watsapp are a place for sensible interaction. Please keep in mind it is a social community and observe the required ettiquette.


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