LOVE ISN’T EASY (Take It Slow)

Why is love so hard?

When he is next to me,

I still miss him,

When he is far away,

I miss our meetings,

The long wait, innumerous days,

when his exams take place,

and I have holidays…

The times when we are too broke,

To even travel to a meeting place,

Sometimes when we can’t find an intimate place,

It gets so uneasy,

So close yet far away,

Why is love so hard,

That if I don’t call,

He thinks I don’t care,

When I call and say I miss you hon,

He feels I’m too attached,

Sometimes this crazy puppy love,

and the nostalgic moments of times gone by…

They make it hard for me to fathom,

a life without my guy…<a href=””>Slowly</a&gt;


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