The Art Of Finding Peace : Orderly Living

Nothing is ever going to be perfect in life. Yet, some people are perfectly happy with whatever is going on. Not everyone though. That is because finding peace is an art…

The most essential thing to do is learn to accept the things you cannot change, and work towards improving things that you can.  Remove toxic substances and people from your life…you don’t need alcohol,drugs and cigarettes, you don’t need liars, manipulators, gold diggers, and two faced people.

Ask your heart what really want from life and follow that path. Find peace within yourself. Feel every moment. Notice the beauty in little things, in a baby’s laugh, in the sunrise and sunsets, in the raindrops and thunder…

Don’t be in a hurry to achieve, have patience and may be if not 99, in the 100th try you will finally get what you want…just like Nawazuddin Siddiqui did. He is an actor who came from a village of riots and guns, and he had no money or recommendations, but his work and finesse, and his dedication and talent got him where he is today, one of the most sought after actors in India.

Do not be affected by other’s actions. If someone shouts at you or criticises you, take it calmly, for you should not absorb their negative energies…

Finding peace means believing in yourself and following your heart. Finding peace is bigger than material success, it is also about emotional well being. Can you sleep without thoughts bombarding your head? Do you have no regrets? Well, that is how it should be…only those who master the art of finding peace can find true happiness…<a href=””>Orderly</a&gt;






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