I am not ashamed to tell you certain things. We all do them. You can stare at me as I smoke, or buy a condom, or stand in a group of guys. I don’t care much…I got used to it. If not now then when! We delay and delay our work till the end of time. We prefer whatsapp over calls. We have hobbies that have nothing to do with our career. We experiment…a lot…in every way, be it hairstyles, beards, sexually, fashion or even careers. So I think it is completely okay if I change 3 jobs in a year. The more experience the better. In fact we all want to be entrepreneurs. We want to live like kings and queens, and we will. The thing about being 20 is you have all the time and energy. Don’t stop us from following our hearts, even if it sounds stupid to you.

We do not want to talk much to you. You won’t understand! But please don’t make us feel like we can’t talk to you, be part of our lives. Twenty is a strange age, I am an adult but I feel like a child. It is tough out there. Suddenly being broke is very normal, and waking up tired is also a routine. Sundays are the only days I rest. Life becomes like clockwork, fast and mechanical. Don’t worry, I will manage. Encourage me, it is welcome but if you do not believe in me, stay silent.

The real make or break is around the corner. I need you to be by my side, be my rock. I am just twenty, let me dream big, let me have my own dreams. I promise you, you won’t regret it.


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