To Be Brutally Honest : Grains Of Truth


No one cares about your story. Yet they want someone to listen to theirs. No one can really understands you, in fact they don’t want to. The world is a cruel place, and no one has time to give a second thought to the events that do not concern them. Your problems are your own, and the world will only laugh at them. It is however a fact that when you sparkle and achieve despite your situations, everyone will respect you and take notice. There is no place for cowardice anywhere.

Honestly, honesty isn’t always the best policy, it is going to cost you. Sometimes the truth can start controversies that never end… you will be misquoted, and misjudged, and the words you spoke will be mangled into another sense so different from what you really meant that it will surprise you.

I will be honest with you. This world is a cruel place. Trust no one, expect nothing, and always remember that fate has a funny way of putting you in situations so bad that you can’t help but laugh; the most recent example being my phone getting stolen in the chambers of Justice, The High Court of Gujarat.

Justice, speaking of it. Justice will take so long that when served it will have been stripped of its very purpose and dignity. Sometimes it is better to just silently forgive, forget and move on. Let their guilt be their punishment.

The more attached you will be to people, the more you will suffer. But what is a life without people to share your happiness, success, sadness, your moments? I am honestly confused about whether attachment is good or bad. But I am human, and I feel things, and I don’t want to stop myself.

In truth, you are better off analysing yourself than others, and figuring out your path is a much better and more reasonable thing to do, because tomorrow, what happens to someone else will not change your life in any way, unless you loved them.

The worst part is that too many people try and follow the herd, and then when they realize their own goals, by then they have already lost the heart to try,  and they give up too soon. So many brilliant talents lost to suicide, because they did not listen to their own hearts.

Maybe the world is a cruel place. But I look at it all, and then I remember, I can be who I want to be…and I smile. There is a whole new world waiting to be discovered, you just have to open your eyes…<a href=””>Grain</a&gt;



One thought on “To Be Brutally Honest : Grains Of Truth

  1. Your post is a good one…well written and thought provoking. I think there is more good in the world than we realize because we are distracted by too much information, and truth get hidden in the cesspool we call media. As far as justice goes…you hit the nail on the head, my friend. Silently forgive and go on. In the end, injustice will never stand, and justice will prevail even if we do not personally see it.

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