My body. My mind. My soul. My life. My boyfriend. If every one of these has no issues, I don’t think you should. It doesn’t make me immoral, I am not preaching that what I do is right or wrong…I am just saying it is my life to do what I want to do! have you ever stopped to think that someone might have reasons to be the way they are! I am not breaking anyone’s heart, and I have not set out to destroy anyone! I am just trying to be happy, just like everyone else. Honestly, sex is overrated. Overhyped. And talked about way too much, when there are bigger issues in the world. I am not saying that you should agree with my views, I am just saying…let us agree to disagree…do not try and change me or give me a moral lecture. No, I am not ashamed of myself, and I do not feel guilty. You won’t understand my story and my journey, as it is mine and mine alone…So what if I fuck around? It really should not make a difference to you, and if it doesn’t then let me be. Let me be as I am. You live your way, and i shall live my way…


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