Hey. She replied back half heartedly. The wounds from the fight that happened years ago were still tugging at both our hearts. I would still message her in the hope of reviving a drowning friendship. Once we shared everything, and now she doesn’t even know anything. I used to tell her everything, from my biggest gossips to the smallest events of my day. Then I left school. We hardly met twice a year. We started to drift apart. May be she did not want to keep in touch or may be she was just busy. May be someone had taken my place. I tried my best, but it was in vain. Losing a best friend is as heart breaking as losing a boyfriend. She was my confidante, and I used to laugh and cry with her. Suddenly I felt alone. I missed her. But I could not tell her, for it would only drive her away further. I could not pull the dead weight of us on my own. I finally gave up after a few years, and I realized I have to move on just as she has…

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