Anyone can be a model…

Modelling is less about beauty, it is more about flaws! It is about the correct angles, posture and lighting. To understand modelling, you have to understand photography. Elongate everything, especially the neck and the legs. Feel confident and it will show. Modelling is about channelling emotion through your eyes. It is about feeling beautiful.

Any good model will tell you that it isn’t easy. You have to hold the same posture for minutes. You have to walk and pose in high heels. You may have to get nude in front of a group of people and still give a good shot. It may involve crazy props like a shower of water or even animals. No one cares about your comfort. Models are supposed to sell the product.

The industry has become so particular about features, shape and size. It is better to not be disheartened and just be in your best health.Modelling careers can start and end in a day. I am not a professional model, it is just a hobby. But nevertheless, I do watch a lot of models and learn from them. Tyra Banks and Gigi Hadid are my favourites. As Tyra says, you have to be fierce, and smile through the eyes “smize” , and keep your neck and chin up. A beautiful shot would be one out of many… you have to change it up in every frame. Give variety, give different angles and poses. Lastly, being a good model takes time…atleast I have gone from approaching photographers to being approached by them…




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