Things No Girl Will Admit To Doing

  • Liking sex, yes they love it and they don’t tell you cause they are scared of being slut shamed.
  • Watching porn and masturbating. EVERY WOMAN DOES THIS.
  • Checking out other women.
  • That she probably thought of marrying her boyfriend just weeks into the relationship and named their children too.
  • That she has a thing for intelligent not so good looking men who can hold a conversation and make her laugh.
  • That she doesn’t wash her hair as often as you think.
  • That she misses you.
  • That she finds your friend hot.
  • That she wears spanx.
  • That she expects you to answer in the negative when she asks if she is fat.
  • That vaginal itches are as common as balls itches.
  • That she minds when you make fun of her.
  • That she is not comfortable wit your girl bestie.
  • That she screenshots things you said….

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