We may be very confused about what we want, but we definitely know what we do not want! Our age is the age of multitasking.  I find an increasing number of students like me being authors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs at the same time. We are low on tolerance, because we are becoming more and more independent and self financed. Especially women. The millennial or the new generation dream big and work day and night to achieve their dreams. We do not stick to the conventional careers. I see people making careers out of hobbies. I see people chasing their passions.

Today our lives are more stressful than ever, but we don’t forget to take time out for our families and friends. A true millennial does things the smart way. We befriend technology, we befriend powerful people. Half your work is done if you have the right network.

Millennials do not give up even in adversity. We are breaking stereotypes. A boy beat leukemia to score 96% in his 12th. I have seen with my own eyes security guards on night duty study in street light. My friends open their own designer clothing lines, and restaurants. The biggest examples being the founders of OYO and Flipkart. Who said that the only way to be rich was being a top-level management or an IAS officer! Look around you, the world is full of opportunities. Today it is much easier to follow your dreams, as the resources are available to everyone.

May be adults do not understand our methods, but we are surely set to change the world.



  1. Yes, you will change the world. As is with any generation, us adults need to remember that our future leaders come from the generation(s) that came after us.
    All the power to you. Blessings for a journey into leadership that makes our world a better place to live, regardless of which generation we belong to.

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