How To Keep Winning At Life

The real winners are those who become, rich, successful and yet they find pleasure in the same roadside tea stalls and cigarettes. They talk to every peon with the same politeness as their senior. They still have more to achieve and miles to go. They have zero attitude. They are approachable. They are not scared of failure. They know it is the ultimate truth, once in a while everyone fails. But they do not let it deter them, they dust themselves off and get back up, only to try harder and work smarter.

Life will throw diverse problems at you, sometimes one by one, sometimes all together. But you learn to tackle them like a warrior. Winning at life is not about always coming first, it is about not giving up! No one said life is easy. No one’s life is easy. But either you handle it or you run from it. Fight or flight. You choose to be a victim or a survivor. Be a winner or a quitter…

I had a choice. I was shattered after being raped. I was dipped to the head in self blame and guilt. I wanted to die. I had 4000 mg of Lithium at hand, and i could just take it and die. I was schizophrenic. I saw death everywhere, mine and my close ones were all going to die. I was obsessed with death. I did not sleep for a week. I chose to write instead. So i wrote and wrote until it healed me.

Every bad thing happens for a reason. It makes you into someone you are destined to be. I do not believe in coincidences. I think things are supposed to happen sometimes. You take everything in your stride and then see the magic of life. If you want something, and you work hard for it, hard enough that it is good enough, nothing will come in the way of your achievements…Keep trying. Success only comes to those who keep trying. Winning at life is all about smiling in adversity, trying your best, and when you finally succeed, keeping your humility intact…


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