Damn You, Kardashians! ( What A Circus)

It fails to register with me why exactly are the Kardashians all over the internet. Maybe it is just the fact that they are trying to tell us that celebrities are normal people too, by posting the most personal, intimate details of their lives online. May be it is because they create controversy and everybody loves one. But the fact is that they have made money on the sole basis of fame, not a talent, just selling their stories to websites and tabloids. People hate what they cannot have. No one can be rich without hard work…but the Kardashians are.

It is a magic formula isn’t it. Paris Hilton’s stylist Kim leaks her sex tape and rises to fame. They decide to make a reality show based on their lives. People still wonder how much of it is real and how much is just for the cameras. But they filmed everything, from break ups to weddings to childbirth…which made people watch.

Maybe they are stupid, but I think that what they have done is pure genius. You make money from publicity. In the end they have the last laugh. I think Kim is a wonderful mother, since the day I saw little Nori shut down the paparazzi’s. She didn’t cry like other babies! Kylie is also an inspiration. She bought her own house and car at 18. Way to go girl…more power to you. Meanwhile Khloe has had it tough with her ex husband’s drug addiction and near death experience, but she handled it so well. I think no one could have done that except her…

I don’t know whether to love them or hate them, but definitely, you cannot ignore the Kardashians. The whole world knows who they are and there is no denying that.

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