That Time Of The Month (Poem)

Oh no, those days are here,

cramps and cravings, moods and bearings,

One moment I am so hungry,

And I feel bloated cause I ate,

My uterus is punishing me,

For not having a baby,

All I want to do,

is curl up in a ball and sleep,

But duty calls,

Can’t bunk classes,

So I cringe in pain,

Try and wish it away in vain,

That one week where you regret being a woman in the first place,

But you thank the lords for telling you,

Yay, you are not pregnant,

You get so horny and men won’t touch you,

A sad irony,

Your mood swings and blood scare them away,

The very thing that makes us a woman,

suddenly alientes us from being one,

You feel tired and week from losing blood,

drop by drop,

and sleep becomes a chore,

scared not to stain my clothes,

or let them know,

That My flower is blooming,

and it is that time for me,

Because even in the twenty first century,

Periods make me feel tabooed,

When will we accept it as a part of womanhood,

something to be celebrated,

as a sign of good health and normality!

Instead of calling it dirty and disgusting,

and torturing a poor woman for having that time,

When it is only because of that,

That she can give you a child,

How dare you condemn her for it!

It is the reason you exist my friend…

You take care of her and worship it ,

That is what you should do instead.<a href=””>Phase</a&gt;


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