The Beauty Of Kashmir (India) : Epitome of Nature

I peek into the green waters below,

And I see a forest underneath,

Bright sea green,

Teeming with life of various kinds,

One leaf floats up above,

And a little goose pecks on it leisurely,

There are Mynas, Goraiyas, and their sweet symphonies,

The yellow lotus blooms in full swing,

And the boats they call shikaras,

glide through the waters weightlessly,

Decorated in embroidered silhouette curtains,

And I see a row of boathouses approaching,

Mine’s called Shera, The lion palace,

And I step inside,

To stare at the intricate wonder,

Not a speck of imperfection,

Beautiful wood carvings, carpets and chandeliers,

That remind me of an ancient palace,

Fit for a queen,

The raindrops fall pitter patter,

And it’s perfect, breathtaking,

Kashmir…<a href=””>Epitome</a&gt;

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