Can’t Get Over Travelling

Travelling always excites me. It is the hunger for exploring a new city, a new culture, and perhaps making friendships that will last a lifetime. It is the new colours, new clothes, new faces, new sights, and never felt before kind of experiences that I run after. Somewhere, I keep looking for my little piece of heaven. I think I found that in Kashmir…in the white frothy waterfalls, in the fast flowing boulder filled rapids, the cute little birds and the multitude of flowers. I found it in the food that tastes like food, and vegetables that are not tainted with pesticide.

There is something about each trip I take away from home that changes me as a person. I feel like I have come a little closer to discovering life. Every photograph I take speaks to my spirit of some magical moment that has touched my heart. Every time I come home filled with new stories and experiences to share with  my friends. Travelling enriches my life. Whether it is the temples and Architecture down South, the Himalayas in the North, The beaches in the West, or the valleys and plains of the East, everything seems so inviting that I want to go every where. If only I could travel the World for free…you would never see me again!


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