Elitism Makes Me Wanna Throw Up

I was a little girl. Just 13. This one incident has stuck with me even 7 years later. It was my first school trip with my new class, 8th grade. I was one of the few kids from the Service class in my school. Most of them were rich kids, so feeling out of place was what I expected and frankly I thought that it was what usually happens when you happen to be a student from middle class in a world full of rich kids who own I- Phones before they can even understand the value of money. We were on a trip to Mysore and I am not very fond of carrying too many clothes around, considering I can barely handle the weight, I am so tiny. This girl in my room starts frowning at me with a look that spelt plain disdain. She questions me in disgust,” How can you wear the same pair of clothes to bed two days in a row?” For a second, I felt insulted. But later I felt sad for her, and her lack of understanding about the world.

From that day onwards, Elite people make me cringe. They won’t buy shoes unless they are Jimmy Choos and impossible to walk in. They smile at you and praise you when they are really sneering at your sense of style and accent. The pretentiousness is so unnecessary and upsetting that I would rather be alone than try to befriend them. I didn’t want to fit in with these people.

The movie Dil dhadakne Do is a great example of how they are after all human. They just don’t show it to the world. Broken marriages, cheating, infidelity, hidden sexualities, financial troubles but flabbergasting expenses, anti anxiety and anti ageing pills, and lives so fake that I wonder if they were made in China!

It is a world of glitz and glamour, that looks wonderful from the outside but is ugly from the inside. I sometimes wonder why they are even in India, if they cannot stomach Bollywood, Hindi speakers, or Indian food?  Does being rich and open minded mean that you forget your roots? They try so hard to fit in that they forget who they are.

I am happier, wearing my clothes from departmental stores, eating my Indian food, and humming my Hindi songs. At least I can be who I am and not worry about what others will think. I would rather throw up than be an elitist!

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