How Bad Could It Be?

You couldn’t clear your semester exam? You just got dumped? You fell sick because it is too damn sunny? You sprained your ankle? You got stuck in traffic and missed your train? So you get really frustrated and blame the Gods for having a shitty day. You mutter a million curses and wish that you were someone else. What then? Does that make it better? Is it really that bad?

Maybe this is how it was supposed to be. May be you failed so that you learn to study better. And maybe you loved the wrong person. May be it got too hot so you learned to miss the winter. May be you sprained your ankle because you were in such a hurry. And maybe you missed that train because you were not destined to be on it. It is okay. It is not the end of it all. Nothing is so final. You didn’t die. You have a second chance to make things work.

Why get so flustered and saddened by little things? Life moves on, and a year from now you won’t even remember these little stresses and worries that are causing your forehead to crease up and your eyes to tear up right now.

I mean life goes on…people fight all sorts of odds, they rebuild from bankruptcy, they learn to live after losing a limb, they thrive even when everything they had is gone. So don’t spoil your mood over some little incident that changed the course of your day. Sometimes things do not go as planned. But that shouldn’t drive you nuts. Just remember that it isn’t that bad. Everything will work out; one way or the other.


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