My Math Woes

At first pies were nice and tasty,

but soon they became very nasty,

Why is maths always looking for x?

Does not it have any self respect?

How many zeroes, How many decimals,

How many centimetres in a metre,

And milliletres in a litre?

This Maths is always eating my head,

Leaves me confused and feeling dead,

What was the formula of length and breadth?

Which is area which is perimeter,

Diameter or radius,

minus or plus five,

What is the right answer?

I will never know,

And thus I fail once again,

To find any logic in Maths

Why do limits have no definition?

Why do questions have two correct answers?

What use will I ever make?

Of Trigonometry, Integaration, and Logarithms?

what will I gain,

By knowing all these formulas,

and worlds so strange,

My true interest is law, not numbers,

yet I must pass the tenth grade,

And so I open my thick fat book,

with great efforts I fill notebook after notebook,

With words that still look like Greek,

But I cross my fingers I know enough of tan and sec theta,

To make me pass and never ever have to calculate again…






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