Myths About Me…(In Reality I am Like A Diamond)

Of late, I have started talking to new people and I realized many of them never spoke to me before because they had an intuition that I was rude, arrogant, rebellious and a nasty bitch. I have no idea why they thought this way, because I am generally nice to people and very down to earth. Then there is a group of people who slut shame me for my pictures and my stories about my dates. They don’t know one little back story. I was raped when I was 18. And I am still avenging that..sometimes I hate men so much that I will use them in every way…so yeah the joke is on you if you thought you got away with using me for sex. I know who wants sex with me even before I ever meet them.

A lot of people also believe I am rebellious as I don’t give a shit about society norms. I think being rebellious is different from being who you are! I will not change that even it appears to be some sort of rebellion.

I am still discovering myself, what I can and cannot do, my interests and dislikes, my aims and ambitions. I am a work in progress. So you might find a lot of confusion inside me that will make you wonder what category do I fit into…am I a nerd, a player, a bubbly girl, a deeply emotional person, an intellectual person, or something else? Maybe I am a little bit of all, I don’t know. But I am unique and it is a useless effort in trying to describe what kind of girl I am. i have too many sides, and just like a diamond for whom,which side shines depends on what kind of light falls on it; what you can say about me will depend on how you treat me…I am not the same girl with everyone…my personality depends on who you are…Just like a diamond, I am the rarer kind…precious and rare.


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