The Odd Comfort In Talking To Strangers : Blank Slate

I am sitting by the seaside. I start chit chatting withe guy sitting next to me. He looks like he s 22, handsome guy, and then I find out he is a chef! He soon asks me out on a date…Well that is how I am. I find it oddly comfortable in sharing the intricate and complete details of my life with total strangers. I know they cannot use it against me, I know they cannot judge me for they do not know anything about me apart from what I tell them. I found that this is also one of the best ways to treat social anxiety and depression…

So I guess it is okay to accept a random friend request or message your avid followers on Instagram once in a while. You never know who you might meet, and when an opportunity to make a friendship that lasts a lifetime will knock at your door. Of course it is like playing with fire, you have to gauge and judge if the next person is a good person, but that comes automatically with experience. It has helped me learn a lot about human psychology and how to get through to people and find a permanent place in their lives. Once you find a way to make someone curious about you and get them to trust you, it is very easy from there. We all were strangers at some point of time, so what is the harm in talking to another one? You might develop a friendship better than you would ever expect! It is only a matter of breaking the ice…<a href=””>Blank</a&gt;



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