Is He Using You?

He only calls you when they need you, and when you need him he is never around. He  never introduces you to his friends or family and hides you like an undesired secret. He only calls you when he’s horny or needs a companion to drink with. He repeatedly tells you to not get attached and not mention his name to anyone. He takes your phone and carefully deletes every last proof that you ever met…He is very careful never to be seen with you. No romance either, and the friendship too seems like a put on, only because he gets to sleep with you. He always look out for his convenience and never bothers about yours. He never asks you how is your day or calls you beautiful…

Then dear woman, he is using you. If you willingly walk into it and you are having fun as well, it is all good. But if you are naive enough to hope he will ever love you, stop now and go far far away from such a man…


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