I Don’t Know What Normal Is

Many times, people meet me and say, you are interesting, you are not like normal people. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. The fact is I do not know what normal is. In my dictionary, normal is not there. To me, staying up all night and falling asleep in the early morning hours is as normal as sleeping at 9pm. To me, sharing nude pictures and details from my personal life is normal. To me, working out for 3 to 5 hours a day is normal…

You will never know what is normal by your definition unless you try the things that you find strange. I am a very fluid person. I’l kiss a girl, I’ll date an older guy, I’ll try every diet in the book, and I’ll wear Aishwarya’s purple lipstick. There is nothing I won’t try…except anal sex hahaha. To me no problem is abnormal, no person is abnormal. Simply because I have seen such a wide range of people and problems that I have stopped expecting the expected! I mean the people who say they are terrible at things are usually the brilliant ones.

The way people define normal stems from society norms. But I am a free spirit and that is why society norms are just a reality that exist in one plane to me. There is a whole new level where normal means those things that you find peace in. Those things that make you who you are. Those things that define your unique identity. THAT IS MY DEFINITION OF NORMAL.


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