Sometimes, All You Need Is A Kiss (Fictional Short Story)

Deceptive smiles fill the room. May be most of them had the strength to smile. Or may be they were genuinely happy. I don’t know. Because I could not fake a smile anymore. I did not have the strength. I was done with being the super woman. No one noticed…I was as silent as a tomb. Every thing was different now. I did not know how to add spice to conversations with my witty remarks, or roll my eyes at sarcastic jokes. It was all too hard for me.

I tried to talk to myself and figure out what had changed. May be it was just that I did not fit in here. New city, new people, new culture. I missed the ease and charms of my small hometown. It was tough being alone in this new place, where I knew nothing and no one. I thought it might be my own little adventure…

Just then, as if to match the frequency my thoughts were emitting, I turn around and see a girl extend her hand to meet mine.Before I could walk away, my hand unknowingly shook hers. “Hey”! She said. Her name was Sameera. She told me that she too was new here, and she and I turned out to be from the same town! So we skipped the fresher’s party, and took a walk around the busy streets, tasting the cool sea breeze.

I could not put my finger on it, but I swear I felt her hand brush against my chest. She was holding me in a sweet way, something more than friendship. I wanted to kiss her, but it was all so confusing! I had never liked a girl before. I don’t know whether it was pink, full lips, or her curves, or her easy smile. Then I didn’t think. I just kissed her. I felt my brain jolt back to happiness. May be, may be this new city was going to be an adventure after all…


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