The Fire Inside Me

I didn’t know I had it in me to face whatever I have faced. I have finally understood why I managed to survive. I think it is because I always found something to hold on to. I always found one little crevice to place my foot on while climbing the steep rocks. Yes it is important to find those little things that are not so little after all. They have the power to get you through whatever you are facing.  

You don’t just become who you are. You imbibe the good things and the bad things from every person you meet and every experience you have. All that creates your personality. Mine is extremely unique because of the kind of people I have met.

The very first person to influence me was my father. I dream to be like him in many ways. He is a self-made man, who grew up in a simple household. When the rest of his friends used to be outside playing gully cricket, he was putting all his energy into preparing for IIT, where he got in on a scholarship. It was the only way he knew, and when men want what they want, hard work comes easily. I have never seen so much discipline in any person. He is the kind who is hungry for knowledge. Even at the age of fifty, he is pursuing law. When I asked my mother why she married him, she only had one thing to say. She was impressed by his zest to succeed in life, and she knew he would be the best father to his children.

It is true, I could not wish for a better father. He knows when to scold me and when to let things go. He inspires to never give up and to always work hard. He was my saviour in all my depressions. He was the only one who believed it will all be okay. At the age of 8, he would sit me down and teach me fractions for hours together. He would teach it to me a hundred times, until I got it. When I went to boarding school at 10, he had tears in his eyes. He always let me pursue whatever I wanted, be it dancing, commerce even though I was brilliant in science, and law after I quit CA. He gives me the strength to go on. Each day I am reminded that I have a legacy to carry on, just like my brother. He became the second IITian in my family. My brother may have inherited my father’s scientific temper, but I inherited his hunger to learn everything possible.

My mother inspires me to look young forever. She inspires me to be beautiful both on the inside and outside. She taught me yoga at the age of five, and since then fitness became a part of my lifestyle. It is her genes and her teachings that made me so gorgeous.

My brother inspires me to adapt to every possible environment. I remember how he bravely fought mumps during his 9th grade, and despite missing on a lot of classes, he passed all his exams. I remember how he studied day and night for his entrance exams, even when my house was no less than a nightmare because of my illness. He is a splitting image of my father, so engrossed in his work, that the weather or the size of his room does not bother him. He is only my younger brother by age, but he is years ahead of me in maturity. He takes care of me as if I am his younger sister.

There are others who inspire me. My yoga teacher, whom I first met in 2012, taught me how to keep calm in every situation. He taught me that patience is the key to every problem that it comes with age and maturity. My first love taught me the importance of creativity and how to live life like there is no tomorrow. I love living life on the edge. He is the one who got me into writing and belly dancing. He used to make me write one poem every day, and he would not sleep until I read it out to him.

My best friend inspires me to keep trying for what you want until you achieve it. She taught me the importance of being able to distinguish between the right and wrong. She is my biggest critique but also my biggest support. My boyfriend inspires me to just love unconditionally, without expectation. He teaches me to laugh at the little ironies of life. He gives me the energy to live life to its fullest, because he just makes me feel so loved and wanted. He is that person who understands me better than my own mother and he knows my weaknesses better than I myself do. HE is ‘my person’, the one I go to whenever I am distressed, and he always has a solution to everything. We all must find that one person, who makes us feel like we have a purpose in this world. That special feeling is life force, and when it flows, it makes you feel more alive than you have ever felt.

These people taught me the most essential lessons…love kindness, perseverance, morality and patience.  They made me who I am today. Then there is music. When I have moments where I feel completely alone, it is my favourite songs that remind me that in this world someone out there understands what I am facing and feeling.

It is so important to read for inspiration. Odd stories of courage, faith and belief have changed me every time I came across them.

It seems the more people I meet, the more music and stories I listen to, the more I learn and grow. I will always want new experiences and people in my life. It is these very people and things that keep me going. They are the oxygen to my fire. The fire that burns inside me, the desire to conquer this world…<a href=””>Burn</a&gt;


3 thoughts on “The Fire Inside Me

  1. Getting inspired to achieve further heights in our life is like a tonic…the more you take this tonic…the more you perspire to achieve success…Your article leaves a lasting impression for the simple reason that when one has the ability to see greatness within one’s family…greatness comes chasing you without you even knowing it.


    1. Dear vineet thanks for reading and giving rave reviews! And your comment was just what I needed to see…as every twenty something I too feel lost sometimes…now is one of those days…you make me feel like it will all sort itself out! Thanks a lot

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, it’s a pleasure reading your wonderful write ups. They are the deepest philosophies of life written with poise and grace.
        Keep writing as those who have the ability to pen their mind have a wonderful connect with their mind and this connect lays the foundation of a resolved mind…a mind which does not mind being in a grind..!!
        Keep writing..!!

        Liked by 1 person

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