Trust No One : FALSE FEELS

Trust is a foolish thing,

For even the closest friend can betray you,

Trust no one,

For even friends can be worse than foes,

Trust always leads to hurt,

It is better to trust your own rational judgement,

Than feelings, emotions, and intuitions,

it is better not to have blind faith,

But watch out for the space where you keep your feet should not be quicksand,

it is better to gauge  person by actions instead of mere promises,

because trust whether broken or not, is a game of chance,

It breaks you sooner or later,

Trust has become a joke,

so commonly misused that,

it is uncommon to find anyone worthy of the trust you have in them…<a href=””>False</a&gt;


One thought on “Trust No One : FALSE FEELS

  1. You need to trust though… I see what you mean. My trust has been betrayed many times. And one of them, almost cost me my life. But I’m still trying to trust, being careful, a bit wary, but trying…


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