How Unloved Kids Ruin Their Lives

So I told my mom about the fact that I was sexually assaulted. She did not even look at me. She did not even ask if I am okay. She told me to go hang myself. Everytime something bad happens she has always blamed me. She says I spend too much ( by the way my pocket money is equivalent to 80 cents a day). She also calls me characterless.

Then there is dad who think I will fail and I won’t be a graduate. ( I am a distinction student by the way.) He will not buy me an SLR despite knowing I have great talent in me. They also have a problem with my phone bills which are just 500 bucks for a month, my messy room, my stomach flab ( my mom thought I was pregnant), my nail paints (they stink), my make up ( I look like a whore), my diet ( you eat too much junk), hello I weigh 46 kg I am NOT FAT!

So I start having a lot of sex, I roam around with people I know from facebook, I end up smoking and drinking, I cry alone at night, and I am bipolar. IT IS YOURFAULT DEAR MOM!


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