My Movie Review : Waiting (2016)

The movie is about dealing with tragedy.  It is about how two strangers come to help and understand each other’s mental struggles when their spouses are fighting for their lives in the hospital. It opens with a scene that crystallizes the whole title, the ticking of an alarm clock trying to wake up an already awake Naseeruddin Shah. His wife is in coma, and doctors have little hope. Meanwhile Kalki Koechlin beautifully portrays the modern woman, feminist yet outspoken, loud yet emotional. Her husband is fighting for his life after a car accident.

These two characters are the life of the film. Rajat Kapoor brilliantly portrays the role of a surgeon, and manages to accurately express the dilemmas surgeons face. There are lot of questions thrown around that make you think what you would have done. Is quality of life more important or is living itself defined by just a beating heart? Is the new generation too outspoken and undignified or is the old generation simply OLD? There is a scene where Nasseruddin Shah beautifully describes grief : first comes denial, then depression, then spiritualism and acceptance. Kalki looks gorgeous to say the least.

The movie ends on a note that leaves us thinking whether their loved ones lived or died…leaves us waiting for the true end. The screenplay has great undertones. The flashback scenes add the right dramatic overtones. The music is bearable , but I really loved one rock and roll number that happens right in the middle of the time when the movie starts to get too heavy and sad. On one hand, there is a poor man struggling to make ends meet to keep his wife alive, and doctors have given up all hope, while on the other, a woman is more concerned about whether her husband will walk again, and if not she believes death is the better option. The chemistry and friendship between Naseeruddin and Kalki lightens the movie. As usual Mr. Naseeruddin is a treat to watch for any art lover.

All in all the movie was worth WAITING for. Worth the time and money,  go for it without a second thought. Especially if you love movies that have the power to leave a lasting impression on you.


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