Ways To Manage Bipolar Disorder Without Medication

I have bipolar disorder (I). I have been off medication since a year and I am doing well! It is because I use certain techniques that can help any bipolar patient.

  • Sleep Pattern Technique : try and discover what your sleep pattern is. I sleep 7 hours every alternate day, and the other days I sleep lesser. This is to avoid a manic episode. If you are in depression, try and limit your sleep to 10 hours a day. Managing sleep is the most important part of bipolar disorder.
  • Avoid Conflicts : If your ideas conflict with a dear friend or family, try and skip the topic and agree to disagree. If you cannot, then find a middle path. Bipolars get easily affected by such things and anything like that can trigger or intensify an episode.
  • Fall in Love : Believe it or not being in love greatly increases your chances of survival. Having constant emotional backing and support and someone who understands your mental issues and thinking is a must.
  • Stop Excessive Social Media : Social media is good, but if you feel someone is trying to harm you, pull the plug immediately. No more than an hour a day is needed nor suggested. This is because bipolars are impulsive, and they do not realize sometimes that what they share on social media is affecting them.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol : Both of these can trigger an episode. Avoid them at all costs, as they are inhibition and stability removers.
  • Manage your physical health : Mental health is also determined by physical health. Being in good shape will help you mental situation. Exercise everyday for good sleep.
  • Stop Blaming the Bipolar : Live life like an ordinary person! You are gifted and special, and you do not get to blame your mistakes on bipolar. Take counselling to improve upon them. 
  • Counselling : Regular counselling is key to avoiding need for medication and for emotional wellness.
  • Supportive family,friends and work environment : I know all of these do not always happen and are not always available. But try to find support in the people you hang out with. Emotional support is very important for bipolars.
  • Stay with parents : Even if you are 30 years old, staying alone when bipolar can be difficult. Staying with family is a better option as they can watch out for trigger signs and any sudden changes in behavior.
  • Anger Management : Bipolars have trouble controlling anger. One must learn anger management techniques to stay calm and master them.
  • Positive Attitude : Develop a healthy attitude towards life and being bipolar.

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