Insecurity Is Disastrous

So I know this dancer. She is very successful here in my city. She runs a dance academy and makes decent money. Then she came to know I got a call to teach belly dance. She gets insecure despite being so successful. She wants half my money and she wants to teach them too.  I am just starting out, I mean she is very established. She really did not have any purpose in approaching me, apart from satisfying her need to be the best.

Does success have anything to do with insecurity at all? Insecurity stems from being unhappy with yourself. It has nothing to do with how successful you are. If you are not where you expected to be, you will be jealous of people even those who have done nothing in their lives. You will want things but you will not work for them in the correct way. Insecure people are those who are in a hurry to get success. They do not have the patience to let things happen. As a result they use wrong means to get their purpose and end up in a mess that cannot be cleaned up.

Stop comparing yourself to anybody. That is the root cause of insecurity. You give it your best and then sleep peacefully at night knowing that you have tried as hard as you could. The insecure student will be more bothered about who has the highest marks in class and then he will look at his marks, and tell himself I need to get these many more marks next time. Instead of focussing on learning, knowledge, and improving upon weak areas, he is focussed upon defeating somebody else.

Insecurity is nothing but a self created monster that takes away from your peace of mind. What is the need to feel any lesser than you are? Embrace who you are and try to be a better and wiser person each day. Insecure people never make it. Even if they manage to survive, they will always be too busy looking  at someone else’s jeweled crown to feel good about themselves.<a href=””>Layers</a&gt;



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