When the days are gone

And the hands stone cold

Then we cover them in gold

Tears are shed down

Cause your time is up

Your time on Earth has run out

The sand has all fallen down South



Its strange that we celebrate getting older

And wait for our birthdays

Yet no one wants to die

Death scares you

Death is the big bad wolf

Nobody wants to be its friend


We all know we will die

Each year we pass that day

Marked but unknown to us

With no fear or celebration in sight

Death gives you a name for life

Die for yourself and you are called selfish

Die to escape life and you are called a coward

But die to save others and you are a hero

Strange how death reminds others of your existence

Those who wouldn’t even bother to care


The world is different from above

You can see it for what it really is

For true friends and enemies alike

Show their true colours once you die

Man has solved every mystery but death

For a man who dies can never return

His footprints on the sands of time

Are the only thing left behind.





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