Aetheism V/S God : What Do You Connect With?

I have many friends who believe in God. I have many friends who do not believe in God. They always end up arguing. Each defends their own belief with various reasons. I am somewhere in the middle…I believe in God but not temples and idol worship. I believe that God is our own strength, intuition, and conscience. So for argument’s sake I will weigh both ideas and their logic. However both sides are good. Both sides teach you to be good and do good.

The  AETHEIST explains,

I do not believe in God because I feel man created God. There is no proof or no visible identity of God. This God is different for everyone, and I don’t fear this God, because I do not believe in him. Atheists do not believe in God simply because the whole idea does not make sense to them. They do not want any proof about your God beliefs, yet they want you to leave them alone and STOP Trying to make them into worshippers ofGOD! So Aethists are basically free from the whole religious chores and beliefs thing. Hey, I am an Aetheist!  Not a Hindu. Not aChristian. Not a Muslim! So they do not face the discrimination that religion brings either. Of course for official purposes they side with some religion because they have to. Aethists may or not may not be spiritual. They do believe in charity. But not God.


Believing in God gives me peace and praying makes me feel more sensitive towards others and gives me strength. He sees God in idols or in stones and statues, and this so-called God helps him tread the track of morality in fear of being cursed if he does something immoral. They are happy pouring milk in temples and giving donations to the beggars outside. They believe sins can be washed off, or confessed, and well if that makes them feel at peace and makes them feel good about who they are, it is not wrong really. The God worshipper is devoted to a higher power, and thus he remains grounded in life.<a href=””>Connected</a&gt;


9 thoughts on “Aetheism V/S God : What Do You Connect With?

  1. You’re so true! Undoubtedly each person is different and has his/her own opinion in different topics. Some believe in God and some in science, some in both. But what most important is to be good and do good to others.

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  2. My sweet husband is atheist. I’m not. My own understanding of god is closer to yours. Not as an entity, but as a concept. A concept that helps me organize my thoughts, ideas, perhaps insights of a Universe much larger than my finite expression can comprehend. If religion is a belief, I say to him, then atheism must be a religion since you cling as tightly to a belief that an all-seeing, all-powerful, all-knowing entity does NOT exist as do those who subscribe to the belief that it does. As you may imagine, we have many lively conversations! 😉 xoM

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    1. Liked your points. 🙂
      I too believe that theists and atheists both actually believe in something whatever they call it. Even if not anyone or any power at least they believe in themselves. Some say -everything happens just naturally. Well, it means they believe in nature. There is always ‘belief’ in diverse forms.

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