HOUSEFULL 3 : My Review

Housefull 3 is that movie which is an entire package. It has comedy, double meaning jokes, crazy characters, amazing costumes and dances, good music, and a whole limousine full of actors. The story has many twists and that is what keeps you to the edge. There are three actresses, Jacqueline Fernandes, Nargis Fakhri, and Model Actress Lisa Haydon. Their father does everything to stop them from getting married. But they find a loop in his efforts and their dad has to accept their boyfriends, played by Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bacchhan, and Riteish Deshmukh respectively. But they have to act disabled!, One cannot walk, and plays foot ball by profession (Akshay). One cannot see and is a car race driver by profession. (Riteish). And one cannot speak he is a rapper by profession (Abhishek).!

Ironies do not stop there. Bol Bacchhan plays on and on and Mr. Bacchan’s real wife Aishwarya’s cut out appears in one scene too! He rushes to save it from falling. Ritesh’s tongue slips and he calls his girlfriend Genelia, who is his real wife (Genelia D Souza). And Akshay has done some brilliant stunts. ( He is a real life stunt man and chef).

The movie also has Boman Irani and Jackie Shroff, and they do not appear in the posters. Pleasant surprise to see Jackie. He plays an underworld don and his character seems so real that you really feel like he could be an actual gangster. Boman plays a typical Gujarati father, and right hand of the Don, who raises the Don’s daughters because of obvious reasons. The Don is a doting dad and does not want his daughters’ lives to be in danger. To hide this secret Boman makes up the BROKEN MARRIAGE EXCUSE but his daughters force their way on him so he calls a fake fortune-teller (Chunky Pandey) to make up some unbelievable reason why the girls should not marry. Thus their boyfriends act disabled, to find a loophole in that reason. The story is beyond a normal person’s imagination. Boman has 3 sons and he wants them to inherit the Don’s wealth. He wants to marry the Don’s daughters to his sons.

At the end all the secrets are out and chaos occurs. There are fight scenes, guns and a lot of running around and tamasha. In the end the movie leaves us with important life lessons. It teaches us the value of being true from the heart and having good intentions, love and sacrifice, and leaves us a little emotional. All ends well and the movie is a joy to watch.

Watch this movie if you are not in for anything serious, and just want to enjoy a light-hearted comedy with full entertainment and masala package.


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