via Daily Prompt: Paint

To me, dark is beautiful,

so is her enchanting smile,

and the way the sun catches her red hair,

The mole near her upper lip,

brings out her dimple,

Her eyebrows are haywire,

but they look perfect disheveled,

She is quite a sight,

in the million colors she wears,

her shy eyes overlook

her band of silver,

as the nose ring dangles away rhythmically,

to the musical tones of her silver anklets,

She is a village girl,

simple yet enchanting,

that is to my eyes she was,

and if you cannot understand this,

you need to stop and think,

why do we see beauty only in fair ladies,

wearing fake eyelashes and red lipstick,

why is beauty confined to the likes of beauty pageant queens?

If you open your eyes,

you will realize,

every woman is beautiful in her own right…


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