Would You Love ME

If i unveiled my mask of perfection,

would you love me,

or would you run away,

would you want to hold my scars,

is your love beyond skin deep,

will it stand the test of time,

Or will I be left at the altar a millionth time,

Can you love me for who I really am?

Everybody isn’t a perfect model,

A cover girl or a playboy chicka,

Would you love me ,

and my charred face,

Because my heart is the purest untouched gold,

you will ever know…


3 thoughts on “Would You Love ME

  1. Truly a nice post. Everyone is different and nobody is perfect. Everyone is beautiful and amazing in their own special way. People must recognise and accept that and therefore love should be given to everyone. But if only it really worked that way. Too many selfish and self absorbed persons out there. Kudos to those that recognise the beauty in each and everyone. All we can do is have hope that others will see it soon.


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