I don’t want any weed or cocaine,

music is my drug

Sad? go to evanescenece,

Happy? go to Bollywood,

Pensive? Go to nirvana.

Songs for all moods

they set my mind straight

Nothing in life is upside down,

I can will away the pain if I really try…


3 thoughts on “MUSIC : MY DRUG

  1. Great pose!! I always say I don’t understand drugs…If I watch a great movie or hear a great song or watch a great MV, I get the same effects. I get so ridiculously happy only thing is I can enjoy my buzz. lol Funny though, Evanscence was huge when I was younger. I still like them but I don’t listen to them as much as I used to. Love Bollywood, though I’d add Kpop for it’s ability to make you happy. Don’t know if I’ve heard of Nirvana. I feel like I have in passing… What other music do you like?


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