What do you do as soon as you reach home? I shower and then roam around in my most comfy jammies. (Shorts). In ancient times men used to roam around naked. I like the idea of sleeping naked.

We still use Ayurveda here in India (study of herbs to solve medical problems). They did it too. They ate insects. Chinese eat cockroaches. My father told me that. He has been to Beijing.

They ate fruits to cure constipation…they used coconut water as cold drinks and probably knew about weed too. That is how LORD SHIVA came to be known as the Nataraja dancer who loves weed. They too were social beings and party animals. Just like the rest of us.

They felt the need for sex, they reproduced and hence we are here. They were possessive about their women. My boyfriend too is possessive of me. They fought for things they loved, we too do that. Today the Indian Army fights. Against terrorism. Against Pakistan. Against unfair international rules. For India.

It cant possibly be untrue… the evolution theory definitely exists.





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