Boys, Please Turn Into MEN

Boys just care about sex sex sex,

They would never cut off from their ex ex ex,

They just want to flaunt a girlfriend,

To their friends and brothers,

They just mess with my head,

Then my feelings and emotions,

I hurt, I cry in pain,

But no one understands,

That I wasn’t up for being used,

Sex is my need too,

They tagged me as a slut,

They called me a whore,

But think about it,

Sex is the need of every human…

But why do you have to treat me as a label,

Pass on my number to many,

And say call her maybe,

She will have sex with you.

No I am not a prostitute,

I am just more aware of my biological needs,

Its time you all knew that dear boys,

Turn into men before its too late,

And I leave your minds a little more enriched,

Your lives a little more empty,

And your hearts shall yearn for my company,

But I’ll be gone…


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