Daily Prompt: Subdued :Why the double Standards

via Daily Prompt: Subdued

When ever I am in shorts and lipstick, 10 auto rickshaws stop by and ask me for a lift. When I am dressed for college that never happens. If my profile picture is sexy, I get a ton of friend requests, otherwise I don’t. If I smoke people stare, and if I drink chugging beer like a man, they gawk. What is it with this place…sometimes I feel like it is a crime to be a woman.

This apart, if I am out late in the night everyone stares, but when a man is outside, no one cares! If I buy a condom they slut shame me and when a man buys one it is applauded. I don’t understand the double standards, it is so very frustrating. I think that those times are gone when a woman was expected to do as a man said, today we may not be equal but we are definitely not in a submissive position to men. We dress as we like, and we travel as and when we like. We choose the same careers as men, and we should be paid equally for we are equally efficient. If a girl is born in the family people are not as happy as when a boy is born even though these days all exams are topped by girls from CBSE to IAS to CA. So why the double standards…

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