My Worst Fears

  1. Fear of Failure : I just roll into a ball sometimes and think…hey if I will fail then what is the point of giving that exam? It is the worst because then I never give the exam. After having experienced failing 12th and failing First year Bcom I am kind of struggling in college.
  2. Fear of lizards : creepy crawlies! Yikes! One sat on my dance trophy. I screamed.
  3. Fear of Rats : Rat ika is scared of rats. Yes she is. They make the creepiest noises and eat clothes and cheese, stop eating my cheese!!!! and my expensive clothes.
  4. Fear of Losing my parents : This one is common may be… but I am nothing without them.
  5. Fear of Breaking up : I can’t lose him…but I will one day…our families don’t approve the relationship.
  6. Fear of failing in my career : What if I earn zero bucks a day? sometimes I give zero fucks but most of the times it worries me.
  7. Fear of my parents divorcing : Oh Yes. Baaaaaad.
  8. Fear of losing my friends : Bipolar makes that so easy. You just can’t help but be fearful.
  9. Fear of Mental Asylums : If you know where bipolar can get you to be…I do not have  to explain.
  10. Fear of being FAAAATTT.



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