Pain Doesn’t Matter

It isn’t that she hurt me. It is the fact that it is my own mother. It isn’t that he hurt me. It is the fact that I trusted him. In today’s world attachment can be a dangerous thing…yet it is easy. Are you lonely? Find a fake friend. Are you hurting? Find a fuck buddy. Are you troubled? Stop giving a damn about it and focus on the loud music. Maybe a cigarette will solve it.

The bitter truth is broken hearts take time to heal. Even then they won’t be fully healed. Memories stay, nostalgia comes and goes. Either you get too busy to have time to think or you go into depression mode and overthink. Well at least I do. And I cannot decide which is better. Both are equally bad to me.

Yes, pain makes you stronger. You develop a thick skin, you become more resilient. But how will you ever forget what they did to you? Maybe those are the very memories that become the reason you cry at night when no one is watching… but hey who cares? Turn on the music…till you drown in it…


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