Reality equals Perception?

How much of reality depends on our perception?  Is she arrogant or just confident? Is he shy or just introvert? Is she smart and hardworking, just lucky or both? Now that I am in my early twenties, I feel it is increasingly difficult for me to connect with the outside world. I am misjudged, misquoted, misheard and as a result…outcaste.

What you see is a girl who craves attention. She actually is just devoid of love from her family and so called friends. She feels alone, even though she tries to fit in. Her arrogance is a cover to her real self, as she is already a mess. She can’t trust anyone anymore. So hell yes, I have attitude, but it is my only protection against this cruel world…

We all have demons inside us, we all are either slaves to them or we rise above them and live our lives. I choose to rise above them and I find my own safety in dancing, music and writing. And of course dates…interesting ones. That is just something that adds spice to life. So as much as I hate to admit it, your reality is just yours,not mine…


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