Thank You, Love You Zindagi! (Movie)

As a girl with bipolar disorder, I have first hand experience with the stigma related to mental health. Initially I too was asked to hide it, by everyone. Friends, family, and doctors. Like Kaira, I too feel trapped in my own mind very often. I only find true happiness when I am able to tell my tale, my troubles. Friends, it is okay to tell people you have a problem. What is not okay is feeling ashamed.

Don’t let the society teach you how to hide from your own reality. Some of us have mental issues, more serious than others. I have witnessed girls abandoned by their families for anorexia, or dyslexia, or autism. Why? Aren’t they human too? Initially I too felt ashamed. Till date my parents don’t let me tell my relatives about my issues. Why do we go silent? When it comes to physical issues it is all okay. But relationships, love, break ups, anxiety, panic, nightmares are all taboo?

Today youngsters are opening up. At least our generation is open enough. My parents just listened to whatever their parents said and never questioned it. We rationalize, we have our own opinions, our own dreams, and passions, which we do work hard to achieve. Yet the tech freaks are smart and the rest according to parents is the less smart ( they will not call you stupid).

As a result, of all the taboos in India, we grow up with no happy memories ( atleast that is how I fell ill), a messed up present, and a very uncertain future. Either you are born mentally strong and you resist everything going on in your head. You don’t let it take over your career. You earn. Money and heart diseases both all right. Sleepless nights and money. Loneliness and money. Money remains, but India is unhappy today. One out of three people are suffering from depression at least once in their lives. When will we be a happy country? I guess until we become parents, we will have to wait for that. We will give our children a little more than what we had.




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