Life, As I Know It

When I tell someone the story of my life, they generally look at me with pity. Pity isn’t what I seek though. I am glad I have a tough life. It makes me stronger with every passing moment. What would life be if it was that easy? The happiness of conquering the goals we set for ourself is something we come to value only after struggle.

I struggle constantly, with my emotions, with my studies, with love, with lust, and with anxiety. Yes, I’ve been through the unthinkable. I’ve lost three years at school, had my heart broken thrice over, battled depressions and manic episodes thrice over and had my parents abuse me over my failures. I’ve turned half Aethist and half an emotional mess as sometimes I feel I can’t take it any longer. But I choose to keep going, one step at a time. Maybe I’ll never have a normal life, I’ve come to realize that even that is okay.

When life kicks you in the gut, fall down, but get up with grace. A loser will think it is the end, but the truth is, every end means a new beginning. Learn to laugh at your own demons, maybe they will stop laughing at you.



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