A Spider’s Web

Deceiving looks, deceiving words, all emotions unheard,

His idea of love is absurd,

Lies out of desperation,

fake truths, cover ups,

sitting there, trying to save what is already ruined,

those mistakes seemed so small,

were they mistakes at all?

Taken for granted or honest callousness,

whose going to discover,

sins well hidden, no sorrow no pain,

just the guilt of getting caught red handed,

careful there, lies they never end well,

they create storms that ruin beautiful things,

stuff made of glass, it cannot be glued back,

the truth however bitter, is much better

spider webs of lies only suck you in.

https://wordpress.com/post/curiousitygotmecom.wordpress.com/2884<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/denial/”>Denial</a&gt;


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