Countless times, I felt like dying,

Lost count of reasons I had for crying,

I wish it never happens again,

But I’m reminded I can’t be sane,

The struggle seems never to end,

My mind has no plans to bend,

It can’t make peace with the missing pieces,

It’s easy to say, forget the past,

But the mind replays everything till we last,

“Be positive!”, they’ll say…What if I am and it never goes away

“Be more Social”, another advice, trust me humans are a vice,

In being alone I don’t have to pretend,

Blend in like everything’s all right,

Been ten years and I’m not okay,

This feeling weighs me down it constantly stays,

Like waves that sweep away the sand from under my feet,

This feeling digs into me,

Not sadness, but a sort of emptiness,

Leaves me feeling incomplete,

Yes, I’ve always felt incomplete…



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